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Welcome To The Candidates Voice

Professional and Talented Female Political Voiceover in the United States
When it comes to politics, success is more about confidence. Knowledge is central to your success in your campaigns, but it is how you present yourself to the masses that matters the most. This has been proven time and again, with Christine Padovan of The Candidates’ Voice as your perfect Female political voiceover artist who can guide your way to success through her commanding and appealing voice.

The modern political battle is fought across both new-page and traditional media.

  • The Internet
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Publications

Our political voice over talent can help you make a big difference in your campaign, whether you are trying to reach your target audience across the Internet, on TV, Radio or during political events. We have been here in the business for 15 years and we can tell you the difference we have brought to our clients’ projects.

Our gamut of voice over services goes beyond the political arena. Christine Padovan offers her voice over services for:

  • Political voiceovers
  • Narration
  • Announcing

And much more!


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CPadovan-Humorous Poli-MaleVO

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CPadovan-Humorous SouthernVO

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Audio Samples

A good voice is not only a blessing; it can also be the means to winning a campaign.  There are many things that a great voice over artist can do for you and your campaign.

Sample her voice
Sometimes, a sense of humor is the way to win a campaign.  Remember the 1984 ‘Hound Dog’ ad?  It was one of the first political ads to use satire to go after an opponent.  These TV ads for the campaign of Mitch McConnell featured bloodhounds desperately searching for "missing" incumbent Senator Dee Huddleston, as the voice talent detailed all the junkets he took and votes he missed.  McConnell's campaign overcame a 40-point-plus deficit after the game-changing "Hound Dog" first aired. 

The classic spots end with the tagline, "Switch to Mitch."  And Kentucky voters did just that.  Since then, Mitch McConnell has been reelected four times and has been a fixture in Senate leadership for the past 15 plus years.

Christine loves this particular spot and has done two very different versions of some of the original script for you to listen to.  One is a male sounding voice (yes, Christine’s alto/contralto voice can sound boyish or mannish if required) and one is done in the style of a Southern Belle. 

Ask Christine for an audio sampling of your script or listen to her other political voice samples provided on this page. 

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Video Samples

Not only can Christine voice your ad, but she can write and produce it as well into a broadcast quality radio, tv or internet ad.

Many local and regional campaigns don't have the budget for a fulltime PR firm and want someone who can voice, write, engineer, produce and coordinate their ads on a shoestring budget. Ask Christine how she can assist you with writing, engineering and producing your TV, radio and internet/social media ads, find and hire other voice talent for specialty use (impersonations, 2 person ads, etc), create email campaigns and banner ads, use your video footage and photos for ads, find affordable website development, get you a media buyer, and so much more!

She will work with your campaign manager or media director and become an integral part of your team to help you win!

Campaigning is hard enough - don't stress about getting your message out!


About Christine

Christine has been working as a professional VO artist since 2007. Over the years, she has developed a reputation for being a highly versatile artist in the field of political advertising and narration voice overs, providing voice over for politicians and commercial advertisements.

When it comes to political voice overs, there is nothing that can beat an authentic voice in reaching out to the target audience. Taking your message to the masses, we bring to the table our experience and prowess in the political arena that can help make all the difference between success and failure. Why choose us for your political voice overs? Here are 3 reasons you should choose The Candidates Voice for your political advertising:

  1. Christine Padovan has one of the most persuasive, experienced and powerful voices in political advertising.
  2. We deliver your message in a compelling and distinctive voice.
  3. Christine’s voice is adaptable to any style ad – from uplifting to alarming.

Christine is intelligent, unique and has deep industry knowledge in all the voice nuances expected from a political voice over artist. Her voice has also been used for many narration projects including e-learning courses and documentaries. She understands politics and is an expert at modulating her voice to best suit your requirements and the situation. She has lent her voice to different profiles, from a young male animated character to the most effective salespeople.

With Christine’s award-winning voice over talent available at just a call away, your political ad campaign will be handled in the most professional way. We cater to commercial, narration and political voice over requirements throughout the United States. We also can assist with video production and media buying. Contact Christine of The Candidates’ Voice directly at 904-955-2685, email or contact her manager Celia Siegel at (612) 920-4000 , e-mail .






Contact Info

Christine Padovan - SAG-AFTRA


Studio: 904-955-2685

Political / Commercials / PSAs / Narration:
office: 612-920-4000
mobile: 612.387.9225
twitter: @celiasiegel

For An Authentic • Distinctive • Compelling Voice Talent, Contact The Candidates Voice for Political Voiceovers at 1-904-955-2685 or email her manager, Celia Siegel of CSM at or call 1-612-387-9225, and find out what Christine's special voice can do for you and your business.
Christine and her AT 4047SV microphone can hook up with clients via Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, or phone patch/FTP delivery.

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Important COVID-19 update

As reported on all media outlets, the Covid-19 virus has effected many levels of daily life.  My company operates in a virtual online office environment.  I work in a home studio setup with Source Connect, Skype and other connection services.  Generally, I do not physically come in contact with my clients. However, this virus may affect some of the associate services outside of my office.

If on occasion, I am asked to work in a client's studio, I will take the necessary precautions to not contract and/or spread potential germs (wash hands frequently, bring my own hand sanitizer, practice social distancing, wear a mask to and from the studio, etc.).

My hours, as usual, are based on your audio requests and schedule.  

Thank you for your attention and wishing you good health!